High Tech in Trading

High Frequency Trading

Trade in micro seconds with high frequency-low latency applications and improve your profitability. Eliminate all delays and shorten the path to the exchange.

High Performance & Reliability

Best performance with optimizations in all levels (hardware, OS, software, network)

Algorithmic Trading

Convert your experience to the software to better control and profit. Make every strategy feasible and applicable. Feed your strategy with any data.

AI & Machine Learning

Improve your strategies day by day by AI and machine learning. Better adoption to markets conditions.

FX Bridge

It is a smart solution that connects FX Brokers to Liquidity Providers. Its flexible and powerful features enable brokers to build solutions for their dynamic business models as well as their frequently changing needs. For more information, please contact us.


Robust, secure and lightweight


Compatible with all trading platforms


Provides an ability to process selected customer groups only
Automatically detects symbol changes in your trading platform


Create pools with LPs you choose
Aggregate prices at each pool
Feed trading platform with the prices of chosen pool
Already integrated with more than 10 LPs such as ADS, Alpha Capital, LMAX, Swissquote, FXCM, CFH, etc.


Best - Worst Price, Priority based methods
Buy/Sell aggregation


Store the LP prices and other data for further analysis
Store aggregated prices
Store prices used for execution of orders


Hedge orders according to your business rules
Apply markups for each product
Transfer LP responses to coverage accounts by scaling or reversing the side
Hedge trades with delay


Fill orders by calculating VWAP using the market depth
Apply markups for each product
Transfer the LP responses to coverage accounts by scaling or reversing the side
Execute orders with delay
Adjust execution price according to better/worse limitations for each order type and product


Perform ABook and BBook for an order with the rates you specify simultaneously
Determine the customer price according to ABook or BBook prices


10 ms average latency
Handles 2000 ticks/second
Uses lock-free data structures and algorithms


Low resource usage
Asynchronous processing
Low system requirements (as low as 4-Core CPU and 8GB RAM)


Shows latencies caused by network for LP connections
Shows durations of processes between each node

Istanbul, Turkey

Yildiz Technical University,
Technopark C1/405 Esenler